The term mafia is used to denote a specific type of criminal organization, with particular traits and characteristics.

The Matrix is a world ruled by mafia… the most powerful mafia in existence. It is a fully fledged criminal organization that operates in darkness and secrecy using its agents to infiltrate key authoritative positions with the political-military intent of enslaving and controlling the earth. In other words, this mafia, with its architects who call themselves “Illuminati”, has just about completed the construction of its magnum opus (Latin phrase meaning “great work”): a pyramid-shaped society ruled by an anti-democratic elite who will allow the establishment of a dictatorship with the Prince of the Matrix as its Universal head. It’s no coincidence that my guiding star warned me in advance, two thousand years ago that the kings of the earth will give their power to the “beast” (see Revelation 17: 12-13).

But God the Creator already has an “anti-mafia plan”! It will unmask the disguised and almost invisible coup d’état, exposing to all the perverse and rebellious nature of this mafia, which will (obviously and falsely) portray itself as a humble and serving saviour of the human race.

My guiding star has miraculously foretold that this universal mafia will fight, in fact, against Jesus himself, but He will win as King of kings and Lord of lords; and we, his fans will triumph with Him (see Revelation 17:14).