A BACKDOOR in computer science is a way to bypass the security of a computer system or PC.

Is there a BACKDOOR to escape the Matrix? What does Jesus say?

“My dear fans, I am perfectly aware that you are still imprisoned in the Matrix. See, I have opened an emergency exit for you, a BACKDOOR, one that no one can shut, not even the most ferocious Matrixian demon or their treacherous commander. Even though you have little strength, you continue to believe in my promises, and have accepted me as your Saviour. Behold, I will make the liars from the Matrix cathedral, who say they are my fans but are not, bow down before you then they will know that I love you and am with you. As you continue to follow my advice with perseverance and determination, I will protect you in the hour of great distress that is to come, a terrible political, economic and religious crisis that will test all those who live on the earth.

It will truly feel like the end of the world. In fact it is my imminent return that will put an end to the tyrannical reign of the rebellious creature. It will give rise to a new world in which there is only love, life and peace.

I am coming soon! Cling to me, so that no one can strip away the immortality you’ll receive from Me. I will crown my victorious fans as princes of my Father’s kingdom, the Creator God, and they will reign for eternity; I will write on them the name of my father, the name of His city and my new name.

Flee the Matrix, leave without hesitation through the BACKDOOR that I opened for you as an emergency exit. It will lead you straight into the arms of your Father who is in heaven.”

Jesus, aka God the Son

(Christian Style version of the letter to Philadelphia included in Revelation 3: 7-13)