(Heroes going against the flow)

The election campaign of the prince of the Matrix has started. It is aggressively CONVERGING all people towards a spirituality where everything is blatantly mingled with its opposite. The truth, skillfully corrupted (thereby mutilated and warped), is really not the problem … in fact, it is precisely the “solution”. The concept and contrast between “good” and “evil” is now thought of as coarse and vulgar by the “sophisticated and evolved” Matrix. It is replaced by these two opposites in an evil and satanic CONVERGENCE. It will be a merging of all known “truths / beliefs / religions” in a misleading and meaningless pattern. It will be the most fascinating and persuasive weapon to invisibly silence and weary even the most critical mind.

Here is the new era of peace and universal brotherhood created by man: here is the abandoning of the absolute good represented by the Creator, who, according to this new religion, has apparently been the real obstacle to the elevation and liberation of humanity.

Dark days are ahead of us, in which those who want to be totally like Jesus will be labeled “DIVERGENT” in the Matrix. At the same time, the day is coming when a stone will supernaturally strike and completely destroy the foundations of the Matrix – the foundations which were falsely built with a diabolical mixture of truth and falsehood (see Daniel 2:34).

Is my boat passively being lead by the gentle and alluring wind of universal CONVERGENCE, or is it going against the Matrix way of doing things, against the flow of DIVERGENCE recommended by Jesus himself?