While the churches are outwardly increasingly powerful and impressive, the “faithful” are vanishing. Within these cathedrals the sharp voice of religious leaders penetrates every corner, except the hearts of the few souls who are there and still seek refuge and hope.

I feel like a renegade, a traitor and a blasphemer. But is this really the house of the God of love whom I knew as a child? Wasn’t Jesus surrounded mainly by prostitutes and thieves … by renegades like me? Didn’t He offer them His affection, love and forgiveness, as well as loaves and fishes? But was the majority of the wise men of His time, for Him or against Him?

Am I really the renegade, the traitor and blasphemer of the Creator God?

Yes, I’m indeed a renegade. I am a homeless citizen. I am a slave without a saviour. I am a child without a father. This is the truth according to the Matrix. But thank God, the real truth is quite different!

Today Jesus, the Master and leader of renegades, tells me: “Blessed are you, when (because of your likeness to me) you become the target of the Matrixian smear campaign falsely blemishing your character as a renegade, unanimously regarded as a traitor by the Matrix, a conspiring and dangerous rebel. In exactly the same way they tarnished the reputation of special messengers sent from heaven before you. Rather rejoice, because your reward of immortality awaits you in heaven”. (See Matthew 5: 11-12)

How wonderful: I’m a renegade who will soon receive and wear a royal crown!