One of God’s greatest messengers, the prophet Elijah, delivered a stern message to God’s people in the Matrix: the people of Israel. And this message was a powerful call to repentance… in modern terms, an ultimatum calling for them to come out of the wickedness of the Matrix.

Another of God’s messengers, again one of the greatest men about whom my pole star speaks to me, John the Baptist, was entrusted by God with the duty of preparing the way for Jesus’ first coming to earth. And he faithfully carried out this task as he also gave the people of Israel an ultimatum: “Come out of the Matrix all you children of Abraham”.

Again, the Bible tells me about the last messenger to planet earth, the fourth angel of Revelation 18, in terms very similar to those used by the prophets Elijah and John the Baptist. Indeed, his message for God’s people is also: “Come out of the Matrix, all you great fans of Jesus!”

God will launch a final ultimatum for planet earth! And only thanks to His angel/messenger will God’s people awake and finally come out of the Matrix. And only thanks to this angel will Jesus’ fans (the five wise virgins) be separated from the fans of the Matrix (the five foolish virgins).

On which side will this angel place me? On the side of Jesus’ fans or on the side of the fans of the Matrix?