Divine Rebirth: The Seraph’s Touch

The throne of the Eternal rises on a stellar altar, dizzyingly high, and the folds of his mantle permeate the sacred air of the sanctuary. Around Him, seraphim with dazzling brilliance, equipped with six majestic wings: two to hide their divine faces, two to envelop their celestial feet, and two to split the air with ethereal flights. They sing a hymn of pure adoration that makes the boundaries of the sacred and the ethereal tremble: «Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of the celestial multitudes! The entire universe is the theater of his ineffable glory! The thresholds shake, vibrating to the foundations, under the clamor of their voices, and a cloud of mystical smoke envelops everything.

My cry of desperation breaks the heavenly silence. “Woe is me, for I am condemned! I am merely a mortal contaminated by a malignant virus, residing among an equally corrupt people; yet my eyes dared to behold the Sovereign, the Lord of the heavenly multitudes!“

At that moment, a seraph, a creature with six shining wings, rushes towards me, grabbing with tongs a burning ember from the heavenly altar. As soon as the seraph touches my lips with the glowing coal, he proclaims: “Now that this coal has touched your lips, your virus has been annihilated, completely expelled from your being. Your body is healed, your mind has been elevated, and your soul is free. Nothing anymore contaminates your essence, which now reflects the balance and the standards set by the Almighty for creation. Every cell of yours is perfectly aligned with infinity. You are as you were originally conceived by the Creator: in his image and likeness. And never again will the worms make you their meal, for the worms will devour themselves and will never be again.” The scene is vibrant with ethereal light and mystical smoke, emphasizing profound transformation and divine intervention.

In the air still vibrant with divine power, the imperious voice of the Almighty Sovereign resounds like thunder: «Whom shall I send? Who will be the warrior of My will?” With every fiber of my being pulsating with reborn courage and indomitable determination, I respond with vigor: «I am here Daddy, ready and fearless. Send me!”

(see Isaiah 6:1-8)