Just as the unstoppable dawn conquers the night with its golden light, so does my determination triumph.

My scars, engraved by the steel of adversity, are medals of honor, sacred symbols of my (divinely gifted) invincible tenacity.

Every footprint I leave on earth proclaims my unique and unrepeatable destiny, every beat of my heart is a drum roll that echoes in the fields of honor.

Darkness, an endless abyss, tries to swallow the light, to extinguish life with its cold and icy embrace. But no darkness can suffocate the eternal flame of my Creator that burns in my spirit, no hurricane can extinguish the ardor of my indomitable soul. For the promises my Father has made to me are like the river that carves the valley, the wind that weaves stories in the skies, the voice that rings triumphantly beyond the storm.

Your lies, dark mists, dissolve at the pure song of truth, your iniquity vanishes like a shadow in the light of dawn.

Your every attempt to tear me down only nourished the seeds of my resilience. Now, fortified by your snares and your ruthless attacks, I carry high the banner of victory, fabric of hope and courage, which waves proudly to guide the lost and the hopeless towards the security of salvation.

My victory over you is a beacon, a beacon through the darkness, a reminder that no night is too vast for the coming dawn to conquer.

Come, O brothers and sisters of every created race, gather together under the banner of justice and benevolence of our loving Father and Creator. In a united march, we raise our voices in a song that no darkness can quell, no evil overwhelm.

Our path is exultation, our hymn is of liberation, and every note vibrates a challenge against the chains that dare to shackle every creature. Let us advance, without stopping, until every corner of shadow is bathed in the light of Good, every broken heart is consoled, every oppressed soul is liberated.

In unity, strength, and faith, no evil will find refuge; and Good, in glorious dominion, will reign supreme for eternity. So be it, forever. Amen.