You dared to pull my hair, but look how it shines, comb it with the strength of the indomitable.

You attacked me with slaps and punches, but my spirit is an oasis of calm, in which the waves of your violence break.

Your insults broke my ribs, but now they are like a warrior’s precious stones, stronger and brighter.

Your spit, on the contrary, only wetted my aura of purity, making it smell like the rarest of roses.

Your poisonous, mocking and lying words have scratched my soul, but now it dances in the light of my smile, unbeatable and radiant.

Even if you tried to dirty and tarnish my name, now it shines like a star in the dark of the night, unattainable and bright.

Finally you tried to ignore me, but my presence became your constant torment, a shadow that will never fade.

And now, having exhausted all your strategies, I irrevocably command you, in the almighty name of Jesus: step back, step back Satan! Retreat, step aside and never dare cross my path again. For at our next meeting, every suffering you have caused me will be returned to you, magnified sevenfold. The pain that you have spread throughout creation will multiply seventy times seven, transforming into a perpetual crown of thorns for your existence.

You are the past, an echo that goes out, while I advance towards a radiant future, where the light of Paternal and eternal justice chases away the darkness of your evil. So be it, now and forever.