My children of the infinite cosmos,

immerse yourself in the depths of the centuries, contemplating the legacies of ancient civilizations. I am the Supreme Architect, the one true God; there is no one else like me. Since the dawn of time, I have foreshadowed the final destiny, revealing mysteries still waiting to unfold. My plan is unshakable, my will inevitable; from the east I summon a bird of prey, and from distant lands I call the one who will give life to my celestial designs. Yes, I have decreed and I will certainly fulfill; I have drawn up my scheme and I will carry it out with divine precision.

At the heart of this sacred plane of mine sits a mortal son of mine, humble and simple, destined to transcend the mere role of messenger. I proclaimed an exceptional destiny for him: I chose him to be the light of the nations, the instrument of my salvation to the ends of creation.

This son of mine, once despised and abhorred, marked by infamy and oppressed by the powerful, is called to an existence that will cross both geographical and spiritual borders. Precisely he who was the slave of the dominants will emerge as the protagonist of a divine revolution: kings and princes, once witnesses of his contempt, will stand and prostrate before him, recognizing the manifestation of my work. I chose it. This son of mine, herald of a renewed era for the nations, will become the pillar through which the light of my divine salvation will spread, illuminating every corner of the universe with the promise of justice and liberation.

He will act according to My will against the Matrix, he will rise up against the prince and his legions. I, the Almighty, have spoken, I have summoned this son of mine; I have guided him and his path will be crowned with success. So move away from the Matrix, flee away from the prince of lies! With an exultant voice, announce, proclaim, spread this truth to the ends of the universe!

Listen, you of indomitable will, so far from true justice! My righteousness is not an illusion, my redemption is upon us. I will establish salvation and my glory will rise above all the creatures I have created.

So I have decreed, and so it will be!

(see Is 41:9-13, 49:6-7, 48:14-15, 20)