The last attack of the bearer of darkness

The spread of moral relativism is an essential goal for the prince of the Matrix and his strategy of corrosion from the inside of the creature, the creature created in the image and moral likeness of his Creator. If the bearer of darkness manages to persuade me and the entire society that conscience can be ignored and that the divine moral precepts are in fact “subject to interpretation and/or change”, one can find ways to justify and rationalize any moral subversion … at first starting small and then bigger and bigger, until the balance imprinted by God in His creatures is completely reversed.

When evil becomes more similar to good, and good becomes more similar to evil, I as a creature will increasingly lose my compass that is divinely implanted in me. At that point evil reigns supreme. This is the birth certificate of “Matrix the great.” Thus society becomes in fact, a storehouse of demons, a hideout of every foul spirit, the shelter of every unclean and hateful bird prophesied by my guiding star. (see Revelation 18:2)

At first the Matrixian moral relativism was a suggestion and then with the passage of time, it increasingly dictates that the concepts like truth and goodness are nothing but an ambiguous “shade of grey”. This is subtly false! Conscience compels me in any situation, to discern / frame from different points of view, and act according to what I feel is right, given the circumstances and light provided to me in the teachings from my North Star. This means that black and white do exist, and these are absolute concepts there are extremely well defined. While not denying infinite shades of gray in me and in my society, there is always a right way and a wrong way.

Only to a “drunk” do all directions seem good, because he is not able to assess where they will take him. And, incidentally, just now in the last days, just before the glorious return of Jesus, a drunken and intoxicated woman is described to me … in a state of spiritual intoxication and mental disturbance produced by excessive doses of “wine”.  For all nations have drunk of the wine of her furious prostitution, and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth have become rich through the abundance of her luxury.  (Revelation 18: 3)

But foreseeing the advent of the Matrixian moral relativism with millennia in advance, my guiding star gives me a vital tip: Be sober, awake mentally and spiritually, because your adversary, the prince of the Matrix, who transformed himself from a bearer of light to a bearer of darkness, walks about like a roaring lion, seeking to devour you. (See 1 Peter 5: 8)