Satanic agents at work

Who profits from disasters that overwelm the world today, such as local and global disasters, natural and man-made disasters, political and economic crises and the physical and spiritual diseases?

I find it hard to understand why both today’s creatures and creation seem to have literally gone crazy, distancing themselves so violently from their original balance. The human race and planet earth are like a dying civilization whose DNA has been corrupted, deviating from its initial essential balance.

Over millennia the prince of the Matrix with his satanic agents, has woven a system so complex, seemingly unassailable and devilishly smart to subjugate the human race to his total domination. Using the strategy called “divide et impera” (Latin phrase meaning “divide and command”) have managed to put brothers against brothers, wives against husbands, children against parents, and at the appropriate time they will try to launch their final attack. Since the creation of the human race by the Creator, satanic agents along with their Grand Master have concocted their “magnum opus” (Latin expression meaning “great work”). It started from our initial fall in the Garden of Eden to the final surrender to their power, which they soon hope to reach.

They have no remorse or regret for their wicked lives and malicious behaviour. They have no mercy for their victims who are now at the limit of their strength, millions massacred and slaughtered over the last thousands of years, unfortunately assisted by us humans who are unable to understand their real devilishly subtle purposes which are really mercilessly destructive. They’re so full of wickedness that their appetite for blood and death are voracious and insatiable.

Since the beginning of time, with their words and actions, and with their “useful idiot” humans among us, erode our planet, our civilization, our hope, our hearts and our souls … in other words our future.

BUT soon an angel will rise who will illuminate the whole earth with his authority and splendor…