Why have the people of God in the last days fallen asleep?

We, as fans of Jesus in modern times, have gradually forgotten the deep awareness of the will and the law of the Creator God, thereby losing the profound and complete moral image of our Creator, and gradually going back towards a superficial understanding of a shallow life. We pride ourselves in doing the will of God, not realizing that we are like the Pharisees of Jesus’ time, who only had the outward sign of the divine seal. According to Jesus, the outward sign alone produces white-washed sepulchres, namely legalists who will be spewed out of the mouth of God. This concept was literally prophesied by Jesus and I always find it in the Bible (Revelation 3: 15-22), the North Star of each fan of Jesus. This confidential letter to us, incidentally, was addressed to God’s people in the last days… that means to you and me, today.

Here is the awakening that was prophesied in the Bible for the last days. At last, through the midnight cry, God’s people will understand that God’s will, if not understood in the light of Jesus’ life, is likely to become just a set of rules. Jesus is the Word made flesh, gave life to the commandments and the will of God became its purest form! For Jesus is the most accurate and complete picture of God’s moral face! Therefore, to be like Jesus is to keep His law in depth, really doing His will. And only thanks to the metamorphosis in me of this moral image (character) in the image and likeness of Jesus, God’s people will begin to shed light in spiritual darkness of the Matrix … in other words, they will wake up.

An X-ray can pierce right through with power: only a certain thickness of lead or centimeters of concrete can stop it. That is why it is mainly used for medical purposes (through x-rays), chemical analysis and material structures.

Jesus tells me today: “I do not care what man looks at: man looks at the outward appearance, but like X-rays, I look through your outer shell reaching to your heart, discovering your hidden desires” (see 1 Samuel 16: 7). I want to ask myself a final question: in the depths of my heart, what do I find? By chance, am I proudly showing a sparkling exterior, without carving a heart of character in the image and likeness of my Creator?