… for thirty pieces of silver

The term “prostitution” refers to activities of those who offer sexual services for a price. However, there are forms of prostitution by far more common, far more insidious, and therefore much more worrisome. This is the “inner prostitution”, selling oneself not so much physically, rather morally, intellectually and spiritually. The “inner prostitution” is a malicious and destructive tendency potentially present in every human being. Even in me, the “inner prostitute” could begin to grow at any moment.

When does this split in my personality occur, being a respectable good person on the EXTERIOR but a prostitute on the INTERIOR? It happens the first time in my life when I decide to sell my honesty, my integrity, or, in more spiritual terms, my soul, in exchange for adequate compensation or for personal gain. It is at that moment that my initiation to the inner prostitution takes place. It involves a conscious decision … here is how serious my sad story really is, and it doesn’t include only me but all human beings on earth to a greater or lesser extent. This is my moment of initiation into the inner prostitution that consumes the depths of my soul. It’s a conscious and voluntary choice, just to be able to live in the highest skyscrapers of the Matrix.

Even knowing that I have been created to give glory to the Creator and reflect His moral image in creation, did I still sell my soul, and therefore also lost my future immortality promised to me by the Creator himself, for only “thirty pieces of silver” (see Matthew 26:15)?

The Matrixian night is falling on “Inner Prostitutes”! A night of dense and obscure darkness that promises nothing but trouble. Even if they are still breathing, in fact they look more and more like zombies … the walking dead.

Soon Jesus will come again and will place His sincere and authentic fans on His right, the zombies will be located to His left (see Matthew 25:33), there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth (see Matthew 24:51 and Matthew 25:30). The first will be destined to immortality … the latter, on the contrary, will be left to their sad epilogue.