We are in the era of the iPhone, iPad and iPod. We are in the era in which everything revolves around me – “I”. This is the “apparent truth” that the Matrix dishes up for my senses. But is that how things really are?

–          People used to build their houses in a few days/weeks à today, for the same fundamental necessity, I am a slave to the banking system for decades,

–          People used to enjoy all the fruits of their labor à today at least half the fruits of my sacrifices goes to shamelessly fatten the public administrator,

–          People used to talk directly with God and joyfully present Him their offerings à today my donations don’t always have a certain destination that is in accordance with God’s will;

In the morning I wake up thinking I am free but my day is dictated by an agenda not written by me. The “true truth” (it would seem a play on words but it isn’t) is that I live in the era of the iSlave (I slave)! The Matrix humiliates me in every aspect of my life, from the economy to politics to religion, subjecting me to its perverse, diabolic philosophy of material and spiritual slavery. It is a parasitic system in which all its institutions live by sucking on my vital lymph. Indeed, the blood in the veins of the Matrix is my sweat and tears.

Wake up, iSlave! Wake up because Jesus is coming back to definitively break your chains!!!