Today’s Matrix Generation has as its distinctive features the lack of a sense of SIN and turning values upside down. Adultery (7th commandment), for example, has become a virtue; dishonesty (8th commandment) is a business skill, lying (9th commandment) is diplomacy; consciously leaving tens of thousands of people a day to die of hunger (6th commandment) is not considered by anyone a war crime because there’s no Matrixian soldier pulling a trigger.Isn’t the construction of deadly, terrifying weapons today considered useful for peaceful world development? Aren’t wars defined today as bringers of liberty and democracy?

But this holocaust of the enlightened era of the Matrix Generation is even more serious and horrendous than that committed by past generations because at least what was done yesterday aroused dismay. Contrariwise, what is being done today leaves people totally indifferent. All this is not called SIN, but is defined in a politically-correct way in some cases as “fourth-world social imbalance” and in other cases as “war on terrorism”. These “inferior creatures” are haughtily given aid  with the crumbs of the “Matrixian superior race”, the obscure Luciferian planetary elite, in an attempt to keep the masses good-tempered and subordinate so that, on their knees, they cannot reach the richly laid table and pull the table cloth depriving this occult brotherhood of its abundance of money and power.

Unfortunately SIN is so entrenched in the Matrix Generation of these last days that we no longer recognize it. But Jesus has an escape strategy: the Omega Generation. A generation of pacific spiritual warriors who call SIN by its right name. A generation that will have Jesus’ character as its distinguishing mark. A Christian-style generation.

Of which generation to I want to be part? I will realize the answer by whether or not I become an active bearer of this revolutionary, saving message.