Are the problems that people are facing today in the Matrix really random and left to the free will of each individual, or have they been placed on the “agenda” by someone?  Am I really free to think, believe, and decide to live?  In the Matrix, a society dominated by mass communication and bombarded by strong subliminal messages, these questions of doubt are deeply rooted in my consciousness.

Am I really free if I desire a product which I do not really need, when I sacrifice other  far more useful things?  Is it really me that desires that product, or is someone hypnotising me, and invisibly and powerfully forcing me? Am I able to choose what I really want, that which comes from the depths of my soul, or am I a prisoner of my instincts allured with mastery by the Matrixian gurus of communication? Do I really have free will?  Can I create my own thoughts, desires and beliefs, or are they just duplicated and prepackaged in the laboratory of an infamous tyrant?

My thoughts, desires, beliefs even my own life are all so easily conditioned from the outside because they depend heavily on thoughts, desires and beliefs that are absorbed by my senses.

Freedom quietly disappears without independent, conscientious and perceptive thinking, leaving room for heavily influenced and manipulated instinct.  Just think of the narrowmindedness we encounter everyday, from the latest fashion to the more sensitive views in ethics, politics and religion.

In the Matrix, it is almost impossible to escape this force of attraction force towards standardization and uniformity (which will soon culminate into one single thought), which has been the ambition and desire of the prince of the Matrix for centuries. And that standard and uniformity, which seem to be peacefully accepted in society, is all the more dangerous because it does not censor the answers but the questions themselves… which are ultimately the free and independent critical thinking.

The Matrix, unlike the dictatorial and authoritarian regimes of the past, does not suppress opposition, but aims to squat and occupy the minds of its citizens, moulding “from the inside”, rather than forcing from the outside.

But we must not give way to sadness and discouragement, if we are honestly willing, Jesus will help us get out of the Matrix.