According to the pole star of every fan of Jesus (the Bible), the most powerful spiritual earthquake ever is about to take place. But why aren’t the various religious leaders talking about it? This information is treated as if it were TOP SECRET. And yet, Jesus in person openly talks about it. What’s so worrying about this preannounced earthquake that it silences the “spiritual fathers”, the “doctors of the law” and “shepherds of the fold”?

After two thousand years during which God has allowed the fans of the Matrix (defined tares by Jesus) to grow together with and beside the fans of Jesus (defined the good wheat), the hour is coming in which God’s people will be shaken by the most powerful spiritual earthquake ever (defined the reaping), which will have as a beneficial consequence the separation of these two classes of fans among God’s people (Matthew 13:24-30).

This prophesy is kept TOP SECRET by the leaders of today’s religious denominations simply because this event, catastrophic in the eyes of the fans of the Matrix, will completely annul the human strategies that have produced an infinite number of lukewarm/blind/naked churches, causing only two sides to emerge. Jesus will wrench His fans out of the hands of the religious leaders, and will be their only father and shepherd (Ezekiel 34:10-11).

None of today’s existing religious denominations will be spared this sifting, none! No member of these churches will be able to pretend it’s nothing and serenely go back to their spiritual sleep, none!

What will this TOP SECRET earthquake reveal about my real spiritual standing?