Exactly in the same way that at the time of Jesus’ first coming there were only a handful of poor, humble men spiritually receptive to the announcement given by the angels, so today, at the dawn of His second and final coming (this time with glory and power), very few fans of Jesus are rekindling their lamps to meet Jesus the groom and light up the dense spiritual and moral darkness of my world today.

  • Why is no one talking about this?
  • Why don’t the news reports make even the slightest mention of it?
  • Why is it hardly ever preached in the churches?
  • Why does my character reflect much more the style of my enslaver than the style of my Creator and Savior?

Behold, Jesus is coming very soon in the clouds and every eye will see Him; the fans of the Matrix will see Him too, and all the Matrixian zombies of planet Earth (the dead who believe themselves to be living; the poor who believe themselves rich; those who, while sleeping, believe themselves to be awake) will curse because of the fall of the Matrix, their world… a world designed and created in the image and likeness of Lucifer (alias the prince of the Matrix). Yes, that is exactly as it will be (see Revelation 1:7).

Jesus will come to planet Earth in His glory with all the angels and will take up His place on His glorious throne. And we will all be reunited before Jesus and He will separate one side from the other as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats; and He will place those who are like Him on His right and the rest He will put on His left (see Matthew 25:31-33).

On which side will He put me?