A puppet master is an artist who animates puppets, characteristic figures that appear on stage from the waist up, moved from below by the hand of the puppet master, who wears them like a glove. The same thing goes for the marionette, a type of puppet that appears on the scene, unlike glove puppets, with its whole body, as it is moved from above by strings.

Puppet masters, present since time immemorial under different names and with different acts, constantly change masks and stories, and the show is generally performed inside a small wooden house, the puppet theater.

The Matrix, the very real puppet theater of my times, is an open-air theater, in which the great master of puppets is diabolically trying to subjugate the mind of every citizen on planet earth, animating them with his perverse, rebellious spirit. And his craftiness, developed over the millennia in which he has studied human beings, brings him to use different “bait” according to my character, my background… ultimately, my weaknesses.

But, really, the strings that allow the Matrix’s great master of puppets to move me at his will represent my EGO, which, stimulated each time with the right bait, reacts in a surprisingly predictable/controllable manner.

Am I really sure I am not a person without a will, who allows themselves to be lead by the various masks (bait) of the Matrix’s great master of puppets, whose only objective is to make me rebel against the loving, perfect will of my Creator?