Anarchy is a social system based on the libertarian idea of opposing ANY form of established power.

Christian Style, and in particular its message “Come out of the Matrix”, is seen by the citizens of the Matrix as anti-hierarchical, anti-structural and anti-constitutional… in other words, leaning towards anarchy. In particular when it says that our faith is not a religion, but a relationship; when it writes that the remnant is not an ecclesiastical institution, but a group of souls who reflect God’s character in The Matrix; or when it certifies that the laity are in reality priests on a par with official priests/pastors…

How can you support a message that seems to undermine the foundations of your church and/or religion? Doesn’t proclaming Christian Style’s message mean to go against God’s will? What official leader would approve of that?

In reality Christian Style does not have an anti-structural or anti-hierarchical message, and does not undermine the foundations of Jesus’ church, but wants to clean off the human/matrixian superstructure which has settled on it over the centuries. Christian Style brings a message of an ancient (since it dates back to the creation and Eden) hierarchy/structure/constitution. Don’t even the angels in heaven have a hierarchy? Doesn’t order reign in heaven?

If the so-called “leaders” embraced humility and became servants, and the so-called “laity” (in the front line in favour of God’s work) were true priests, then there would be fruits worthy of the greatest reform/revival in the history of Jesus’ church.

Lack of order and organization results in anarchy and confusion. It would be absurd to come out of the Matrix only in the end to find ourselves even deeper inside the Matrix, the capital of confusion. Only Lucifer, the father of rebels, and prince of the Matrix, wants anarchy which is the elimination of EVERY form of established power… including the power, hierarchy and organization of God the Creator.