Nowadays God’s people are divided into orthodox/conservatives and liberals/progressivists. Both the orthodox and the liberals believe they are on the right path. The liberals accuse the orthodox of being on the road to fanaticism; the orthodox accuse the liberals of being on the verge of transgression. All the churches are torn apart by this Matrixian opposition that has by now developed into real infighting.

But for Jesus fans there’s a third way! It is the way of the “poor in spirit”, proclaimed “blessed” by Jesus, in which the orthodox learn from the liberals their non-slavery to the works/rites/traditions (the letter that kills); the liberals, in turn, learn from the orthodox their willingness to live according to the “thus saith the Lord” i.e. the divine will revealed to me through my pole-star (the Bible) and the commandments it contains.

What is really needed by both the orthodox and the liberals is the right balance incarnated by Jesus and Him only. Yes, the orthodox and the liberals really need to learn to study Jesus’ example with deep humility in order to grow to His moral and spiritual stature, side by side and hand in hand, honestly assimilating all the Master’s teachings without blowing their favorite aspects out of proportion, slyly forgetting the more controversial, disagreeable issues.

The work of the Holy Spirit in each of Jesus’ fans consists in enhancing the better sides of both the liberals and the orthodox and at the same time reabsorbing the extremes that both (in a different way) show. Both the liberals and the orthodox need to become more and more in the image and likeness of God the Father and Jesus the Son through the power of the Holy Spirit. Only this divine balance can bring me out of the Matrix. Everything else is infighting devoid of love and hope.