Dear Jesus,

I feel like an orphan in the Matrix, a cold, dark society, far from you… help me to get out.

I feel like an orphan in my church, a virgin, yes, but sleeping… help me to wake myself up first and foremost.

I feel like an orphan despite all the prophetic voices you sent in the past… help me to hear your voice today, loud and clear.

I feel orphaned of the marvelous richness of your character and morality… help me to buy gold from you.

I feel orphaned of your loving, fatherly warmth… help me to warm my lukewarm heart.

I feel orphaned of your lowly, meek spirit… help me to humble my “Self”.

I feel orphaned of my home and my heavenly Father… come back soon, Jesus!

Jesus, let your fans in the Matrix hear your voice once again… send us your Spirit of prophecy… send us a prophet with the Spirit and power of Elijah, just as you promised through your servant Malachi (chap 4, verse 5). A servant who will turn the hearts of the children to their fathers and, as you said (Matthew 17:11), will reestablish all things and restore to your fans your complete image and likeness.

Your child and fan, member of the church of Laodicea.