The one born in the mud of the Matrix periphery will be more beautiful than the first Cherub with outstretched wings born in the absolute divine perfection of Paradise. 

The last and least, and most humble servant of the Creator God will be greater than the first and greatest, and most superb representative of the divine creation. 

The spark almost suffocated at its birth will develop into a higher and more intense light than the officially crowned and royally covered light bearer from its origins. 

The rebellious soul born and raised in the capital of rebellion called the Matrix will come closer to the stature of God the Son Jesus, and thus to the image and likeness of the Almighty Father, than the creature chosen since its creation to reflect the face and character of the Creator God. 

Thus the last shall be permanently first, and the first forever last (see Matthew 20:16). And the ancient universal heavenly order will be officially restored and the new light-bearer publicly installed (see Isaiah 22:19-21).