In the medieval symbolism the unicorn was described as a small animal (to represent humility) but invincible. Similar in the aspect to a white horse, symbol of nobility and purity, it was provided of a single long horn in the middle of the forehead to symbolize the penetration of the divine in the creature. Combining the power of the divine sword to the purity of an immaculate mantle (symbol of a perfect character), the unicorn represents the small, humble and fragile human being inspired and strengthened by his Creator. The mythical animal thus symbolizes the metamorphosis of the creature’s character into the image and likeness of his Creator’s perfect character.  

“World, hear me! Distant peoples, beware! The Lord has called me from my birth, has spoken my name from my mother’s womb. He made my tongue like a sharp sword, He hid me in the shadow of His hand; He gave me a sharp horn and said to me, ‘You are my first unicorn, through you I will manifest My glory.’  

But I said, “In vain have I toiled; in vain and for nothing have I consumed my strength; but surely, my right is with my Creator, my reward is with my God.”  

Now speaks the Creator God who formed me from my mother’s womb to be His first unicorn, to lead and gather around Him all His fans. I am honored in the eyes of my Daddy, my God is my strength.  

He says to me: “It is too little that you are my servant to raise up my fans and to bring back to me those who escaped from the Matrix. However, I want to make you the bearer of my light to all nations, the instrument of my salvation to the four corners of the earth.”  

This is how the Almighty speaks to the unicorn who is despised by men, detested by the nation, slave of the Matrix enlightened architects: “Kings will see you and rise up; princes as well and they will bow down, because of the Almighty Creator who has chosen you. In the time of grace I will hear you, in the day of salvation I will help you; I will preserve you and make you the covenant of the people, to raise up my creation, to restore my creatures to their devastated inheritances, to say to the captives, “Come out of the Matrix,” and to those in darkness, “Come back into the light!” (see Isaiah 49:1-9) 


Such first (but not only!) humble and invincible unicorns will prepare the way for the advent of God the Son Jesus, the only true King.