“Oh, how! Has the prince lost his magnificent gown of light? Has his splendor faded? Is his era over?
Has the Creator God really stripped him of the glorious garments that millennia ago He Himself had sewn on him? The very one who had been covered with every honor, magnificence and light has remained shamefully naked without even a fig leaf.
The one who most radiated the glory of the throne of the Almighty, the one who most resembled the luminous face of the Creator God, yes, the one who most faithfully followed in His footsteps, honoring Him with his service, yes, the one who ended up among the swine, covered in mud, dirty and smelling bad?

By now he is unrecognizable without that garment of divine light that for millennia has royally covered him. Nothing remains of the prince with the high forehead and the majestic presence that so reminded him of his King, nothing! Just a pile of dry bones, shriveled skin, gray and brittle hair and flabby muscles that hang from his body and nothing else. Not even a rag covers his deformed body.
How low you have fallen, ancient cherub with outstretched wings. You who were a powerful protector now have no one to protect you from old age, sickness and death.

Oh yes, death! To you, who were created immortal, it always seemed impossible that the subject of death could even remotely concern you. But such immortality was never yours. Just as the light you carried and spread around you was not yours. You are only a creature that shone with reflected light and the living room of the dead, down there, is stirring for you too, to come and meet you when you arrive.
All astonished take the floor and say to you: “Have you also become mortal like us? Are you also devoid of the slightest glimmer of light?” Those who see you fix their gaze on you, examine you closely, and say, “Is this the angel of light who illuminated the heavens and the earth with the divine power that was conferred on him on the day he was created as the firstborn of the Creator God?”

Alas, the light that enveloped and caressed you from the first day of your existence has abandoned you forever. Your glow has eclipsed irrevocably.
Why have you fallen so low? Your voluntary involution and inexorable obscuration will forever remain a mystery!”
But a new angel of light is about to be revealed (Revelation 18), a new morning star is about to appear on the horizon….