Jesus has always tried to lead His fans into the footsteps of happiness and salvation, and bring His people under the loving guidance of the Father in heaven. He has often used his messengers to purify His church from the filthy Matrixian infiltration.

But the Bible says that man is stubborn and even after every divine intervention, he continues recharging himself by injecting Matrixian drugs in his veins. He says in his heart that the Word of God is his only guiding star. Yet, many doctrines, strategies, beliefs and traditions are the result of pure human imagination and have nothing to do with God’s plan or the message of Jesus.

Do I want to continue recharging by injecting the deadly Matrix drug in my veins, or decide to humbly put myself in the detoxifying hands of the Spirit of God?

I’m free to choose to replenish my lifeblood with the life-giving oxygen from Jesus or recharge with the lethal and enslaving drugs of the evil deceiver and prince of the Matrix.