An idea can be everywhere and at the same time nowhere, it advances without moving, communicates without speaking, exists despite not being made of matter, knows no barriers and is immortal.

Shortly before the return of His son Jesus, God will light up the whole earth with an idea, a vision, hope… definitively, a message: “Come out of the wickedness of the Matrix by being like Jesus” (Revelation 18:1-8). It is a message of liberation with which God will light up the whole world, disinfecting His fans from the Matrixian virus and immunizing them against it.

This vision, embedded in the depths of the human conscience, will represent hope/certainty of liberation from the slavery of the Matrix. Only this vision will manage to trouble the waters, awaken the virgins, warm up Laodicea, and mobilize the forces, hope and resistance of Jesus’ fans.

Through this thought, whispered into the ears of man, God will perform a masterpiece, beating the Matrix with few means and men and in the twinkling of an eye (Revelation 18:10+16+19). And the Matrix will go mad because, not identifying the enemy, it will not be able to aim for the hated target.

The Matrix will be defeated by a thought that the Creator has placed in the soul of His creature: eternal life in a world full of love and justice! (Ecclesiastes 3:11 and Hosea 2:19)

Jesus is about to return. MARANATHA!

(From the Book COME OUT OF THE MATRIX Volume 3 of Christian Style: