Today, the Prince of the Matrix scrutinizingly watches the fans of Jesus and declares the following to his faithful spirit advisors:

“There is no doubt. These die-hard fans of Jesus are extremely dangerous, they are too different from the mass of robots that we can remote control so easily. They are carriers of a deadly virus in our system. If we tolerate them, how can we ever start our age of enlightenment and build a new artificially unanimous world? If we let them free to be and to express themselves, there will inevitably be an awakening where we injected a comatose state of hypnosis, and consciousness where we have built a society of zombies.

We have to literally demolish them, erasing even the memory of their existence. We must annihilate their space and their time, trampling their dignity and ruining their reputation. They have no reason to exist … mors tua vita mea! We have the right to remove them from this world that we are creating in our image and likeness … a world that will only act on desires influenced by our brainwashed robots that we have programmed.

Yes. This is what we’ll do. We’ll force all the inhabitants of this planet to make a decision. Either be robotically happy and carefree in the Matrix, or be outside the Matrix, excluded from anything familiar. These are the only options: either the Matrix or emptiness and void. Either me, or Jesus.”

Even today, I say to the prince of the Matrix: “Jesus, who is my Way, my Truth and my Life, helped me get out of your enslaving robotic world! The doors of the Matrix are now inevitably wide open and a huge crowd will leave with me, a multitude of my brothers and sisters. Eternal life awaits us!” (See John 8:32 and 14: 6)