I am in a trance… a hypnotized person who is unaware that since birth I have believed paradigms preconceived by others. This happens in every sphere, including the spiritual sphere… actually, especially in the spiritual one. Haven’t I always bowed, without asking too many questions, to the following deeply false and mocking paradigms?

  1. what counts is being externally religious, doing the right things and observing the right rituals and / or commandments… in other words seeming like an ANGEL. It doesn’t matter much if I am a DEMON, with a character more like that of the Matrix than my Creator (see COME OUT OF THE MATRIX Volume One);
  2. I am an immortal soul, regardless of whether or not I am close to my Creator, and therefore it is useful (if not indispensable) to contact all the deceased souls that have left their bodies but are alive in spirit (see COME OUT OF THE MATRIX Volume Two);
  3. the foundation of my existence is the search for self-exaltation, called more diplomatically “social status” or “evolution/enlightenment”, even if this brings about my supremacy over my neighbor. In short, true paradise is where the first remain first. That’s why I am willing to do anything to raise my EGO above those who come second, third, etc… just to reach the peak of the social pyramid in my society (see COME OUT OF THE MATRIX Volume Three);
  4. the key to salvation and the door to immortality are represented by a mathematical (and humanly unassailable balancing of the budget, in which I venture in a do-ut-des type transaction with the divinity that governs this world and the entire universe. I bring him rituals, works and sacrifices. In exchange he changes his sense of vindication, which is covered by a cloak of pseudo-justice, into benevolence and acceptance into his Club of winners, the most obsequious, the most standardized, the most whatever.

It’s such a subtle and insidious propaganda that it takes on hypnotic connotations. A truly unconscious indoctrination that completely bypasses my reason and my critical faculties… ultimately, the intelligence given to me by my heavenly Father. A true hypnotic propaganda that bombards me from my first day of life through the infinite prison guards that I encounter during the course of my life in the Matrix.

I discover with immense sadness that most of the citizens of the Matrix are not yet ready to be disconnected from this ATM of false certainties and preconceived reassurance. Many of them are so addicted to and desperately dependent on the Matrix and its rebellious spirit that they are ready to fight to defend it.

Am I ready to make a U-turn, performing what seems to my senses like a leap in the dark? But isn’t that what faith is, a leap in the dark… in other words madness (see 1 Corinthians 2:14), like Peter walking on the water with Jesus? Yes, am I ready to walk on water?

I live in a prison without bars, of which I finally know, at least mentally, the way out. But really going along the path barefaced is a whole different matter!

(Taken from EXIT THE MATRIX Volume 4 of Christian Style: http://www.christian-style.net/sitoInglese/engindex.php?pagina=archivio)