The proud Matrixian spiritual wolves, with a cynicism that is diabolical to say the least, willingly clothe themselves as humble, devout sheep so they can more easily capture their prey, the much courted and adulated sheep. Today, in the Matrix, the most used sheep’s “costume” is that of religious ostentation. Indeed, the Matrixian wolves flaunt:

  • their religious tradition, manifested through rituals and external forms, even though Jesus showed that all this is not the fulcrum of true spirituality,
  • their church (religious denomination), even though Jesus transformed any place he stayed into a “church”,
  • their Biblical knowledge and their “church curriculum”, even though Jesus taught me to spread the good news with humility and simplicity;

They also swell with pride over their offerings and the prayers they exhibit so much in public, even though Jesus placed the emphasis on the quality and sincerity of these gestures/customs.

The motivation that drives all these attitudes is not love for one’s neighbors but a disproportionate love of self and one’s own religious image. In other words, in today’s Matrix Generation the so-called fans of Jesus flaunt their religious image with great enthusiasm and conviction but they completely lack Jesus’ character. They suffer from a spiritual disease that obsessively focalizes on the appearance of a man separated from the Matrix, forgetting that the perfect Christian style comes first and foremost internally from a new heart and that only afterwards is it also manifested outwardly.

Surrounded by this false, mendacious spirit of “religious purity” that they have invented, the wolves of my times are always ready to point the finger at the speck in their neighbor’s eye, completely forgetting to first remove the beam in their own eye.