Prince of princes

The scribes, Pharisees, and teachers of the law of the last times, not having understood the meaning and scope of the prophecy made by Jesus in which He foretells that we (or at least one among us) will do the same works as He did and even do greater works (see John 14:12), have chosen to completely ignore this absolutely shocking and at the same time fundamentally important premonition in the last days.

Likewise they have not understood, let alone accepted, the other prophecy that Jesus made when He told the Apostle John that He who overcomes will sit on His throne, as He also overcame and sat on the throne of God the Father (see Revelation 3:21).

Therefore, not only will there be a creature who will do greater works than Jesus, but by virtue of such great works that creature will defeat evil, and that victory will enable Him to sit on the throne of God the Son Jesus, who, through His victory, will also have already taken His seat on the throne of the Father. This is shocking to say the least! I can hardly believe it, but it is written… it is written in black and white, and my North Star faithfully records it for the avoidance of doubt.

This apocalyptic prophecy therefore speaks to me of two ‘promotions’ of two ‘twin’ heroes of the faith: one from a mere mortal creature to a prince of princes, and the other from a prince of princes (see Daniel 8:25) to king of the universe together with the Creator God Almighty.

And who but the ancient light-bearer (a.k.a. Lucifer) who occupied second place in the angelic hosts in heaven, immediately behind the prince of peace Jesus (a.k.a. Michael), was predestined from his creation to receive such immense prestige? But having such a being now badly lost his place, his honour and all his titles, who but his successor (a.k.a. Lucifer 2.0) will consequently, as victor over the prince of the Matrix and all his hosts of evil angels, take his place on the throne of God the son Jesus, thus receiving the burdens and honours reserved up to that point for Jesus (a.k.a. Michael)?

The human race will experience a double promotion in a very short space of time: from a fallen, sick and mortal creature to a light-bearer first (see Matthew 5:14), and prince of princes seated on the throne originally of God the son Jesus later. A rise as meteoric and dizzying as it was unexpected and surprising.

But who among the sons of man will have embraced the humility of Jesus with all his might, denying the rebellious spirit of pure self-exaltation instead inherited at his birth in this fallen world? Who among men is similar to Jesus and thus similar to the Father who is in heaven?

Only the one who will have found favour before the Creator God because of his profound humility will be able to sit in the seat of Michael (a name that means “Who is equal to God?”), becoming in fact the prince of princes for all eternity.