Ruler of creation

O Creator almighty

the governor whom you have chosen and anointed rejoices in your strength.
Oh, how such a hero of faith rejoices in thy salvation!
Thou hast fulfilled the desire of his humble and fearless heart
And Thou hast not rejected the request of his lips.
For Thou hast met him with incredible blessings,
Thou hast crowned him ruler of creation by placing upon his head a crown of the finest gold.
He asked Thee for life, and Thou hast given it to him:
Thou hast given him the immortality that his progenitors had lost in the Garden of Eden.
Thou hast clothed him with majesty, magnificence and immense glory never before accorded to any creature,
showering him with Thy blessings and filling him with joy in Thy presence forever.
Therefore Thy Governor humbly trusts in Thee, the Architect of the Universe,
and, by Thy gracious will, he shall never be moved from his throne.

Yea, he is the fairest of all the sons of men; his words are full of grace.

Yea, Thou hast preferred him to all his brothers and sisters of the human race, Making his name famous through all ages.

Yea, he shall sit upon the throne of Thy only-begotten Son Jesus, and he shall be ruler of creation for ever.

P.S. Thus, the sceptre of the government of creation, which was taken away by the bearer of darkness (a.k.a. the prince of lies) with wicked cunning and in total bad faith, will return after millennia into the hands of the race created by the Creator God specifically in His own image and likeness to be His highest representatives and rulers over the whole of creation.

(see Psalms 21:1-7 and Psalms 45:2+7+17)