The minds of the citizens of the Matrix, although biologically alive and kicking, have actually been molested by the prince of the Matrix and his politically correct “mainstream thinking”. Now truly free thoughts are disappearing, giving up their place to the easier prefabricated thoughts of “mainstream thinking”. All this happens in a silent, invisible way, precisely because it is not physical but psychological and spiritual violence. It becomes more and more inconvenient to think differently from the lauded majority and the few “minority reports” that circulate are hushed up as sources of disruption and disturbers of the peace, having to endure (when things go well) the label of “clandestine thinking”, and (in the worse cases) obscurement and censorship.

Today’s religious “mainstream thinking” does not accept Jesus’ “minority report”, which, through His pole-star, teaches me:

– the elimination of the class of laymen, elevating each fan of Jesus to His priest,

– parity of the sexes, leveling all God’s children to equal dignity and responsibility,

– the demolition of the proud hierarchical pyramid in the midst of God’s people, lowering all the creatures to the status of “sheep”.

Are there traces in my mind of this silent, invisible violence or do I demonstrate day after day that I have the moral strength to rise up (in a pacific but determined manner) against the aggressor prince and his caste of followers and become an active promoter of Jesus’ “minority report”?