The Matrix is the paradise of the standard and of unanimity. Nothing is left to chance in the Matrix… no one can express themselves freely… nothing must exist outside of the Matrix. The Matrix is everything and therefore controls everything. Every thing and /or person is expendable on the altar of Matrixian unanimity. Minority and opposition exist only at face value… really, they have been literally phagocytosed by a hypnotic unanimity… a brain, a thought, a will!

The worship of the single is brought about through the death of all. Unanimity, disguised as free, loving unity, actually hides mental slavery.. total psychological subjection.

The Creator God, on the other hand, created no creature equal to another. Each of His children is special for some reason… each one is esteemed and loved in a special, unique way. The Creator God loves different colors and plurality, respect and complementarity. He is the only guarantor of the liberty of the entire universe.

The Matrix, the world of absolutist, despotic universal unanimity, cannot exist in the presence of the Creator God, before whom it dissolves. But, far from Him, it multiplies… it expands… just like an infecting cancer and kills every form of life, color and liberty it meets.

The Creator God, on the other hand, is life and transmits health to every molecule of the entire universe that is voluntarily close to Him.

One day, very soon, the Creator God will return in all His glory, and the mortal breath of the Matrix will evaporate before His vital power.