The servant of the Lord is coming. He will illuminate the whole earth with the glory of the One who sent him, namely the Creator God (see Revelation 18: 1-8).  With divine authority he will roar like a lion: “Matrix is ​​fallen, is fallen, and all its false gods have been broken, and cast to the ground” (see Isaiah 21: 8-9).  Not even the prince of the Matrix himself could hinder the mission decreed by the Almighty. Indeed, the prince will come out defeated and every lie will be discredited before the entire creation!

The servant of the Lord will unite the hearts of children to their fathers (see Malachi 4: 6). His message will be calm, serene and very profound, but a calmness that is disturbing, a calmness that will not leave any soul undisturbed. Behold, his strength will be shaped by this tremendous ambiguity between his calmness and his powerful entity. Yes, because every man will have to make a decision that will mark his eternal destiny: to really be with Jesus, to be like Him, or to let the rebellious spirit of the enemy of all creation be injected into your veins.

And when the Matrix eventually collapses, no fans of Jesus will be in the midst of its walls. They will be safe and accompanied by powerful angels, servants of the architect of the whole universe.