Collective Identity

I see a new world where diversity and freedom of expression and thought are criminalized, fought against and suffocated. A new society is emerging in which reigns monotony, neutrality and uniformity of thought … it is a morbid identity, brutally induced and enslaving. Citizens of this new world do not show an individual, rather a collective identity devoid of any identity memory in which each root has been abolished. Any living being breathes with lungs, but not with the soul and are by now completely sedated with narcotics and violated on the altar of uniformity.

Human beings who live together in family units, but without a father and a mother. People who live in a trance, generating a political-religious uniformity with the promise of peace. But can I really call it peace if it results in the death of my soul? Can I really call it freedom if it is the result of the end of independent thinking?

A world where colours have been replaced by shades of gray, so similar that they are indiscernible from each other. This is a society in which race has been tossed about, mixed and broken by the rise of a new race without a past … ultimately with no identity. But how do I find meaning in my life without a clear identity and, above all, without my unique and particular identity?

But really, was it the nation’s diversity, religions, colors and races to blame in pushing mankind to do evil? Once we are all monotonously gray, what will the supreme authority have as a new excuse to subdue others for the selfish pursuit or just for their own advantage? Will killing diversity and freedom of thought really erase evil? Can I overcome evil with evil?