Wake up! Self-destruction is fast approaching!

A form of rebellion is on the rise and spreading in today’s society, born of deep immature displeasure that turns into uncontrolled anger. It becomes increasingly clear that we have a sense of kinship and belonging to a race left to fend for itself. It is now sadly on its way to a painful self-destructive path that can only end in extinction.

A “community” gathered and welcomed by a “saviour avenger”, who authorizes to strike violently in order to compensate for the loss due to his sin and emptiness that he feels inside. The bitter dissatisfaction and frustration of an existence without a meaning and a reason. A desperation totally bewildered and confused that increasingly leads to a desire to die as suicide bombers, to be considered and count for something … to feel like someone important. Taking justice into your own hands. Looking for a “self-made justice.”

But the Creator God is love, no matter what name you give Him. He loves His creatures and inspires us to love one another. If you feel abandoned, God is your Heavenly Father that welcomes you in His loving and omnipotent arms … The One that allows you to overcome your most irrational and deep frustrations.

On the contrary, the “saviour avenger” takes advantage of the weaknesses of others using persuasive words for his satanic interests. And behind this evil, humanity is fatally moved on the chessboard of a much larger conflict than we can imagine (a cosmic conflict between good and evil that began thousands of years ago) we are hypnotized and paralyzed. The strategy is simple: capture the sense of frustration of the weak and pliable. But this tactic is doomed to fail. The “saviour avenger” is only one move from checkmate.

Wake up! Self-destruction is fast approaching! Yield to your Creator’s love, in relation to your neighbour and creation as a whole. Reconnect to the source of all life … immortality, love and eternal peace is awaiting you.