The last servant of the Almighty is unstoppable.
There he is, I see him on the horizon, clad in a suit of armour that is marvellously shining and at the same time terrifying in terms of the power he radiates and the respect he inspires.

The last of the servants is truly unrecognisable. Yes, his face and gaze are his own, it is always him and his smile is the signature of facial recognition. But everything else about him is greater, more powerful, infinitely more glorious.
So much so that all the forces of the principalities of darkness and the powers of evil seem to melt before him. Their proud haughtiness has completely vanished and their brazen aggression has turned into trembling as well as their loud voice into a babble. Their breathing becomes laboured and every pore of their skin begins to sweat and drip blood. Terror is literally etched on their faces and the pupils of their eyes are so dilated that they seem to be on the verge of collapse. They don’t realise it, fear having taken away their last bit of lucidity, but their hearts have just given out: a heart attack is in progress.
Yes, because their beating heart is their commander-in-chief, the one who with his majesty and beauty instilled in all of them a false sense of victory and unbeatability. But their beating heart has ceased to infuse vital energy to the entire satanic empire, having turned into their executioner. Their source (but only apparently!) of life that decrees the end of them all.
The truth has now come out, and everything now crystallises sharply before the eyes of every living creature. He who promised elevation and upliftment, glory and immortality is nothing but a lying prefident impostor who cannot even save himself. The real enlightenment is this: everyone now recognises that he represents the most humiliating lowering and annihilation imaginable.
And instead, he who seemed to be an insignificant servant of the Creator now stands out like a giant warrior in their presence. And their dismay reaches its peak when they notice that the one they had considered a nobody not only looks very much like the former glory of their “Grand Master”, but even surpasses him in everything. But unlike their leader, this servant of the Almighty has remained small, indeed very small in his ego and with humility and meekness, and without the slightest sign of joy or spirit of revenge, he observes their inexorable self-destruction.
This is the unstoppable and unbeatable creature of whom the ancient biblical prophecies have been speaking for millennia: the least of the brothers of the human race, the one who has truly understood that only the Creator God Almighty can do everything and that nothing can prevent Him from carrying out His plan (see Job 42:2), the one who has proved to be the most humble of all.
And this is the rebirth of the human race that finds its divine seal by returning to the image and likeness of God the Son Jesus and the Father who is in heaven.