My North Star warns me that my battle is not against men and women of the human race, but against the rulers of the Matrix, the spiritual forces of wickedness that are in the heavenly places. (see Ephesians 6:12) Yes, a battle against the human race has been going on since the creation of my progenitors Adam and Eve, and it is a war of a spiritual nature.

Not only that! My adversary is even their commander-in-chief the devil, who, again according to my infallible north star the Bible, goes around like a roaring lion trying to devour me. (see 1 Peter 5:8).
All Jesus’ fans have had, have and will have, just like their Master did two thousand years ago in the desert, a date with the devil himself or his minions. This confrontation to the death is inevitable. And only one will come out on top.
It sounds like a losing battle, but that is not the case at all. The Prince of the Matrix knows this well… very well. That’s why he tries in every way possible to make me miss this appointment of vital importance for me and for the immortality promised to me by my Creator, just as it was promised to Adam. And fear is his main weapon.
But I do not want to miss this appointment, which is certainly not very pleasant, but it is of vital importance. I do not want to miss it because I do not want to have my inheritance usurped by this lying thief. I will face the prince of darkness and all his demons head-on, with no uncertainty whatsoever, just as the young David faced the giant Goliath, and victory will be mine. Yes, you heard right, I will come out on top because the Almighty has promised me that he will put me at the head and not the tail… I will always be on the top, and never on the bottom. (see Deutoronomy 28:13)
I will resist the prince of the Matrix the devil, and he will flee from me! This prophecy is written in black and white in the Word of God in James 4:7, and I will be the one to make it come true. And no devil or demon shall be able to resist me (see Joshua 1:5a). And as the head of Goliath rolled lifelessly away from the body of the giant, so shall the principalities, the powers, the spiritual forces of wickedness be orphaned of their head.