During the most delicate and darkest periods of human history, the Creator God has always sent His anointed, messenger or servant, to make His beloved created beings hear His voice and feel His closeness. But every time this precious divine guidance came, men had the hardest time recognizing it. This incredible conflict between the will of the Creator and the expectations of the creature didn’t even spare God’s Son Jesus at his first coming. Mankind, infected by the Matrixian virus of pride and self-exaltation, expected a Napoleonic deliverer/conqueror who by force and military operations would hunt the “enemy oppressors”. What happened instead, an “angel in blue jeans” arrived, a very normal and simple person, who at first had nothing that would attract attention. But just because of these humble “blue jeans”, many did not recognize nor accept Him, not until His death decree.

In the last days, just before the second coming of this same Jesus, divine intervention is expected again in flesh and blood. An anointed messenger already prophesied by the prophet Malachi burst forth into the world scene, bringing the last message of salvation and liberation to a dying human race, which is already on the sad path of self-destruction. But again this angel’s “blue jeans” (of which I find premonitions in Revelation 18) will not find acceptance with earth’s great men, who love sumptuous clothes and a glittering facade, both of which inspire fear and awe from the crowds . Yet the angel sent by the Creator in the last days will be chosen among the people and will be dressed again in “blue jeans”. Will I be able to recognize him? Will I fly away with him? Yes, because without this angel’s wings there will be no way out of the high Matrixian prison walls.