The generation that lives in the Matrix is one forced not to look, forced to speak in a whisper, to turn off the light, to comment in silence on each injustice in our society, each body in a ditch.

But there have always been a FEW irreplaceable men who have denounced, although everything around them was burning, this corrupt and cruel system that has always been ignored or tolerated / hushed about by the MANY. There have been men who died young, but aware that their ideas would last through the centuries as important words, intact and as real as small miracles. Because, at the end of the day, this life has no meaning if you fear a bomb or a pointed gun.

Men or angels, armed only with love, faith, light and the truth, sent to fight, on this island of blood that massacres sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, a pacific, steely “holy war”. A “holy war” in which consciences thunder instead of bombs, in which tears of joy flow instead of blood, in which… in the end… the old adversaries will embrace instead of destroying one another.

Men come and go, but no one can stop the ideas of equality, friendship, love and transparency… just as no one can ever violate my hope with the conviction that justice is only an illusion, mockingly inviting me to bury my conscience in the cement!

A new generation is about to emerge. A generation that has eyes to look, ears to hear and a mouth to speak… a generation that has only one leader: Jesus. The Matrix has been warned.

(Christian style version of “Pensa” by Fabrizio Moro)