Even when the political management of public affairs becomes more and more sad and shabby, resist! Even when the economic pressure in my life becomes more and more constraining and oppressive, resist! Even when the spiritual manipulation of my consciousness becomes more and more subtle and perverse, resist!

When the Matrix has taken full possession and control of my society, it will be faced with a small humble and unknown resistance that will be invincible at the same time. It will be a non-violent resistance and well anchored in truth, justice and love. A resistance that will block the prince of the Matrix from reigning undisturbed, illuminating the whole earth with the last message of Jesus: “Come out of the Matrix!”

The Matrix wants me passive and hypnotized, getting me drunk with its entertainment. The resistance wants me awake and active, reinforcing me with the Word of God and prayer. The Matrix wants me a slave, the resistance wants me free.

God created me to be free. Long live freedom! Long live God, my Creator!