The ancient Cherub Lucifer was created in the image and likeness of the Creator God. He was the beloved firstborn, the one who embellished the entire creation by reflecting the light and splendor that was conferred directly from the heavenly throne.

But when the original light bearer voluntarily decided to rebel against his Father and Creator, thus rejecting the similarity to the perfect divine character, the Almighty created a new race with a precise task: to restore order to the whole of creation by reflecting the divine DNA to perfection.

Thus, the human race was not only created in the image and likeness of God, but Adam, as the firstborn of this new race, and all of humanity were actually to take the place of Lucifer and the angelic race!

This was the divine plan that enraged the ancient Cherubim to death, who promised and swore to the human race a tremendous vengeance. On the contrary, his plan aimed at subverting the image of that race by bending and distorting it more and more until it became similar to himself.

The human race has fallen low, very low. Yet it had been created for glory and eternity. But the fall was not voluntary, which is why there is a possibility of redemption.

Yes, it is still not too late to embrace the mission and vocation that my dad entrusted to me years ago. Yes, there is still time to embody the identity that the Creator had imprinted on my ancestors at the time of their creation. Yes, the DNA of the image of the Almighty has not yet been destroyed in me. And it is this DNA that is destined to bring new light to the entire creation, reflecting the perfect and unchanging character of the Daddy of the entire universe.

The human race was created with an immensely glorious mission and destiny! And just as the former Lucifer was chosen by God to be the firstborn of an enlightened and glorious created race, the human race will also have a firstborn chosen directly by God who will be raised up among all the sons of men (see Psalm 89:19). He will be the most exalted of the kings of the earth (see Psalm 89:27), the most beautiful of all the sons of men (see Psalm 45:2), as the first human to return to the state in which the Creator had fashioned Adam, and before that Lucifer.

Such a firstborn will look so much like Jesus. He will be like a twin brother…a little Jesus and a little messiah. And it is precisely for this reason that God the Son came to earth two thousand years ago: to remind the human race what its REAL DNA, its REAL image and its REAL destiny was. How many times did He repeat to us to follow Him, to be like Him?

Jesus came to this planet to inspire the human race, reminding them that they were created in the image and likeness of the Eternal Father with a task of vital importance to the entire universe. That is, to bring the warm, life-giving divine light to the four corners of creation day after day for all eternity.