Song about the prince of the Matrix

Dear Lucifer,
Yes, I call you “dear” because even today, despite all the evil you have perpetrated, your (and my) Creator still loves you. Doesn’t the polestar, the Bible, say that God loves sinners but hates sin? You are a sinner, probably the greatest sinner of all the creatures, but despite that, your (and my) God still loves you with a perfect love.
Many believe that you are the god of evil. This does not correspond to the truth. You are only a creature, just like me, who simply wanted to rise above his creator. The god of evil does not exist; it is only one of your inventions, just so you can become a god, a potential substitute/successor of the Creator (albeit a negative version). But there is only one immortal, omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent God, and that is the Creator God. He is the God of good, and only of good, because my polestar says of Him that He is life and He is love.
Today the name Lucifer no longer belongs to you. It means bearer of light and was given to you by your Creator at your creation. Even if you continue to sign off with this name, it was taken away from you. Today you are sadly only Satan, the enemy of the Creator and of the creatures (yourself included).
Even if you continue to hide it from the human race, even denying it to your demon companions and, unbelievably, even to yourself, you are getting old and your strength is abandoning you. Ever since you separated yourself from your Creator, the source of all life, your life breath is slowly expiring. And yet you continue to nourish feelings of proud supremacy, blaspheming the name of your God day and night without the slightest feeling of guilt. You are now a complete slave to your own rebellious spirit, a spirit that is leading you to self-destruction. It’s useless for you to continue to hide your wrinkles, which are increasingly deep and irreversible. Your destiny is now set… it’s written on your face.
Despite what they say, it won’t be your heavenly Father (who inexplicably continues to love you) to destroy you. This Father of ours is life. He has nothing to do with death. Your destruction is only the most obvious consequence of your voluntary separation from Him, giver of life. Far from God, we die, but near Him, we are reborn. And your decision, by now irreversible, will soon deliver you the final blow (see Isaiah 14:9). And yet, I already know that your (and my) heavenly Father, just as His son Jesus taught me in the parable of the prodigal son, will witness your self-destruction with deep pain. What a sad thing, the old cherub, bearer of the divine light writhing and dissolving far from the same light that radiates harmony and life in all the creation.
You were created perfect… you were so beautiful. Looking at you now I’m left breathless as I note how ugly your face has become, once bright because it was in the image and likeness of your Creator. You yourself, who have the face of God carved into your memory, avoid looking at yourself so you don’t commit suicide on the spot (see Isaiah 14:16).
Your plan, truly diabolical and apparently perfect, will be buried with you. Yes, your objective of deforming the wonderful, perfect face of God the Father has failed miserably. You tried, and I must admit with some success, to infiltrate the minds of your brothers and sisters of the human race with the image of a heavenly father who is angry, cold, distant and hostile. For millennia you portrayed, with really subtle, insidious tactics, a Creator with an irascible, merciless and warmongering character. However, this attempt of yours has failed! The face and character of God have once again begun to shine their beauty to the four corners of the earth, revealing your attempted coup d’état against the King of kings and Lord of lords. The whole universe belongs to Him, and soon every creature will voluntarily worship only Him, and with joy.
Your only hope, when faced with the unlimited attractive force of the Creator’s love for His creatures, was that of covering this love that is so powerful with a theory of miserable, base human justice, according to which the liberation of the human race from death (due to separation from God) could only occur through death itself… the death of a substitute (among other things, innocent), and not simply through reconciliation with the source of all life where death cannot even exist for a moment. Did God the Son, Jesus, really come to appease the wrath of His father with the payment of a tribute (His own life), or did He come to reconcile the human race with the love of the heavenly Father who is still waiting with arms open wide and tears furrowing His face after too many years have passed? God (father) who kills God (son), using His own creature as executioner, to appease Himself is truly aberrant… a true human sacrifice worthy only of the basest of demons, you Satan. Your mind has reached truly maleficent levels. But the real madmen were us men for believing that the God of life and love, the omnipotent God of the Bible, didn’t have the strength and willingness to give His creature immortality (and thus forgiveness) without asking for anything in exchange. Isn’t even a human father/mother capable of giving their child the best they have without asking for anything in exchange? Is it possible that we men, now light-years from the source of life and perfect love, are capable of being better parents than the God of love who gave us the breath of life? As if the source of life could have asked in exchange for what is most distant from Him: death. Isn’t salvation by grace the thread running through all the books that make up the biblical canon? If this grace was purchased with the blood of an innocent, what kind of grace is that? Would this god really be better than me? When my own god is no better than I am, then it’s useless… or perhaps even less than useless. Isn’t that your objective ex-Lucifer, you who now love distance from God, you who hope for evil and feed off others’ suffering? (see Isaiah 14:6)
Enemy Satan, you have managed to create in the minds of us men a god of evil that is even stronger than you really are: a mere creature at the end of your life (see Isaiah 14:11). How else could we have believed that the Creator was obliged by you to pay a price for our ransom? Ransom? What ransom??? You are not keeping me, a sinner, prisoner simply because you yourself are in the same prison as me and this prison is called: separation from God. You are terminally ill and you’re in the same boat/prison as me with no hope of blackmail. The Creator is certainly not going to stoop to making deals with you… He doesn’t need to and anyway it would go against His character, His very nature, His DNA. Enough of this exaltation, even if it is negative, of your possibilities. You are on your deathbed. And only the fact that the giver of life has not yet completely moved you away from Himself keeps you alive. But complete separation, which is what you have hoped for thousands of years, has now arrived. Your dark destiny is swallowing you up into the void (see Isaiah 14:15).
You Satan, who feel as if you are a prince of this world, a world distant from God, you who have created the Matrix, a kingdom in your image and likeness, are only dust compared to the Creator God. The Matrix, a world with a religion founded on DEBT that prays to its god, bringing sacrifices and prayers of all sorts, in the hope of appeasing his terrible wrath, is a kingdom of sand that dissolves at the first gust of wind. And in the end, the god that is worshipped in the Matrix is also a god of sand. That presumed god is none other than you, Satan (see Isaiah 14:3). You were finally realizing your dream of being crowned god. You took God’s place, God’s name, His appearance, but you don’t have His character. You are, and will remain till your last breath, merely a rebellious soul bent on the destruction of every form of life that comes close to you, including yourself.
You should know that your old strategy, which you had already begun to use in the Garden of Eden with Eve when you tried (alas, with success) to distort the image of the Creator in the creature and sow doubt about His real motives, has been unmasked in your own kingdom called the Matrix. From your first word in Eden to your last word today in the Matrix, there was nothing but the attempt to make the Creator of the heavens and the earth look bad, turning His CREDIT into DEBT. A lie that will be eternally damned!
Yes, ex-Lucifer, the Matrix fell at the precise moment when its citizens understood what is the true face of their heavenly Father. The Matrix, even if, together with your followers, you still don’t want to admit it, has imploded… it has literally crumbled and will be no more (see Isaiah 14:5). And all its proud and haughty citizens will find themselves with a fistful of sand in their hands. How great their disappointment will be!
We fans of Jesus are not happy about how you and all your followers are going to end up, but we leap for joy for the end of evil, which has shown itself to be an ugly, fatal cancer that makes cells that were created good and perfect by the Creator God go crazy (see Isaiah 14:7). How could it be possible that within the good, beautiful and perfect creation by God, evil could spring up?  Didn’t God seem like He Himself was an accomplice in the origin of evil according to your false, mocking theory? If God is the only Creator, who if not He, could also have been the artifice of death together with every other form of evil? And yet, today it is clear to me that all the molecules that make up the entire universe would have remained good, healthy and vital as long as they remained in line with the divine harmonious plan, i.e. close to God. But the spark of evil was born in you the moment you altered this pre-established harmony, raising your EGO above your God. Cursed be the moment at which you altered the harmony in you, giving life to the rebellious spirit that infected the whole earth for millennia, an alteration from which every form of evil that manifested (and continues to manifest) came as a consequence in the life of every man on this planet called Earth. Only now is it clear to my eyes that evil cannot be created. Since evil is distance from God, it is enough to distance oneself from God to experience the birth of evil.
The Creator God could have eliminated evil by force at its birth. But this imbalance wouldn’t have suppressed evil for long, presenting day after day other metastases all around the creation. Harshness can only render one harsh; retribution of evil with evil can only teach evil. These infinite new metastases would have been the most obvious consequence when faced with a God who defines life but actually kills his own creature at the first sign of dissent. Can life give the opposite of itself, i.e. death? No, the God of love had no choice but to continue to be Himself, life and love, opting for a long-term solution, but one that would be certain and definitive. Only the clear counterposition between the kingdom of the Creator founded on CREDIT, on love and life, and the Matrixian constitution of the rebellious kingdom of the creature founded on DEBT, on selfishness and on death, could utter the final word in this sad story. Doesn’t my polestar confirm to me that evil can only be conquered with good? Not death, not destruction or revenge, but only patient, strong love is the antidote to the virus of evil.
Satan, you still speak, you still act, you still plot in the darkness, but you are already dead. Your heart has just stopped beating and in a few moments your brain will also suffer the consequences and switch off for eternity (see Isaiah 14:19).
I must be honest… thank goodness God the Son (Jesus) came to Earth and showed me the marvelously loving face and character of the Father three-dimensionally, otherwise your plan would have prevailed. And just seeing Him nailed to the infamous cross because of your purest evil, Satan, and alas, mine too as your accomplice, caused the spark of repentance to light up in me and in the whole human race. And only the resurrection has restored to me power, joy, and unlimited hope.
The time has come to embrace my heavenly Father who has been waiting for me with arms open wide ever since I was born despite the fact that I deserve absolutely nothing. But my dad is crazy… yes, crazy with love for me and for each of His prodigal children. And where this dad crazy with love is, there is life… forever!

A fan of Jesus who has decided to take flight