Even if the spiritual meaning hasn’t been fully understood, the world speaks openly of modern Babylon, the MATRIX with its deadly and invisible tentacles. On the contrary, the people of God, who know the spiritual causes of recent events, rely on the past, struggling to understand the evolution of ancient biblical/apocalyptic Babylon.  In the meanwhile there was a metamorphosis from Babylon 1.0 to MATRIX (Babylon 2.0): like a treacherous and cunning octopus that claws up tentacles every day against the fans of Jesus.

1.  In the parable of the ten virgins told by Jesus, His fans do not have a blissful sleep, is it because they are deceived thinking they already know     the whole truth and all about evil attacks?

  1. And didn’t Jesus predict in the same parable that MATRIX, today’s Babylon 2.0, is like an octopus with such subtle and invisible venom that it leaves His followers (ALL 10  VIRGINS!!!) with the illusion of being spiritually awake?
  2. Didn’t Jesus himself promise to send an antidote (a shout, a message) for the Matrixian poison thereby awakening His fans from spiritual slumber, from thinking themselves warm, well-dressed, and most importantly, well-seeing?

Just like the Matrix which never stops developing new backstabbing, venomous abuses, so the Creator God never stops speaking and acting in favor of my deliverance. Yes, my Father in heaven will not leave me at the mercy of deadly tentacles of the Matrixian octopus of my time, without an antidote. It will wake me up from lethal sleep, bringing me out of the Matrix with confidence and firmness.

Luckily my omniscient and omnipotent Father will resume control of his pastoral flock (see Ezekiel 34: 10-16).  His true fans will win: the wise virgins, the poor in spirit and the pure in heart.