What is “Ecclesia Matrix”? Is there really an “Ecclesia Matrix”?

In very early Christianity, the Latin words “Ecclesia Matrix” was applied to the great cathedrals from which Christian preaching has spread out to nearby areas; later the term referred to any church from which other churches evolved … in other words a “mother church.”

Even the Bible, in revelation of the last days, warns about a mysterious “mother church.” Chapter 17 of the last book of my guiding star speaks prophetically of a woman, which symbolically represents a church, sitting on a strange beast. Incredible but true, this woman/church is depicted as a prostitute, which interpreted refers to a false, hypocritical and lying church. The woman/church is pompously dressed as a symbol of material wealth and arrogance. In her hand is a golden cup full of false doctrines, fruit of her fornication with false gods. On her forehead a mysterious name is written, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND BLASPHEMY. The Bible declares in no uncertain terms that this woman/church, is stained with the blood of Jesus’ fans and martyrs (see Revelation 17: 3-6).

It doesn’t matter if I believe it or not, but the Word of God prophesies the birth of an “ecclesia matrix” just for these last days on earth, just as in ancient times. Unfortunately it will be a woman/church who is a prostitute and has immoral relations with a false god and is called the mother of all women/churches who also have committed fornication with the same false god.

A woman/prostitute who sits on a beast … in modern terms, ECCLESIA MATRIX who joins the PRINCE OF THE MATRIX. The word “Matrix”: a truly corrupt brand name!

I want to get out of this false, hypocritical and lying cathedral, I want to get out of this spiritual confusion … I want to get out of the Matrix.