Two thousand years ago, my guiding star, the Bible, prophesied that an antichrist will appear in the last days (see 1 John 2:18). The most common question on this issue has always been “who is this infamous antichrist.” But today I want to ask a different question … I want to turn the spotlight in a different direction. Where does the apocalyptic antichrist come from? Even though it may seem far-fetched, the antichrist has its roots from the Matrix.

The word comes from the Latin Matrix (matrix, matricis), it was a synonym for “mother”. Originally it meant “pregnant animal”. Later on, the word “matrix” generally meant uterus.  Even today, in the language of a post-modern world, the word still means “source” or “origin”. In fact, when I say that “X is the matrix of Y” I’m suggesting that X is the place or point from which Y was born and evolved.

In spiritual terms, Matrix is the cultural, social, political and economic context in which the biblical Antichrist was born and developed until he becomes the undisputed tyrant (for a very short period of time, according to the Bible) from the same Matrix that created it.

The word Matrix reveals who is the mother/source/origin of the Antichrist, it also reveals more about his deceitful DNA, which is extremely dangerous for the fans of Jesus. The Matrix shows me that at the origin of everything there is a mother. And this mother, according to Matrixian philosophies, is also the mother of the Christian God and all the other deities present in the Matrix. In this social/cultural and political/economic setting in which the Antichrist is born, there is a mystical spirituality that always leads to the same “truth”: the existence of a cosmic and universal mother goddess. She is the one and only “Lumen Gentium” (light of the nations) for the citizens of the Matrix. It will be the beginning of a new era of light in which the biblical Antichrist will introduce himself as the bearer of this light, a kind and altruistic architect of this new world order.

It’s easy to foresee the problems that would arise when this tyrant comes against a very small and insignificant group of people who “fanatically”cling to Jesus as the only light of the world (see John 8:12) and that “disrespectfully” urge all people to come out of the Matrix.

The end of the story of the Matrix is even more incredible than the story of David and Goliath. The antichrist as a tyrant and oppressor of the whole planet earth with seemingly limitless power, will finally be defeated by this small and humble “flock.”