The prince of the Matrix is not against religion and spirituality, on the contrary, he feeds on it. He knows perfectly well that he desperately needs religion to be able to completely control and subjugate his subjects. Political control and even economic enslavement are not enough. No! To reign unchallenged over me, the master puppeteer also needs to subjugate my conscience. That is the only way his domination will be absolute. To do this, the prince of the Matrix needs religious leaders and false prophets who, for the love of money, power and sex, will sell him their souls.

A black nobility is soon to emerge, a caste of leaders whose objective is the total submission of my innermost conscience, making me become a hollow shell, a living dead… a zombie.

Absolute domination has always been the dream of the prince of the Matrix. Am I swapping my freedom of conscience and thought for a life drowned in virtual, ephemeral pleasure, blindly following this caste of leaders?