Is there anyone who can break the sound barrier?

The phrase “sound barrier” or more rarely “transonic barrier”, in the past indicated the difficulty the first aircraft had to reach the speed of sound.  They were equipped with the necessary power but not with suitable aerodynamics.

The “sound barrier” today does not refer to the ability to exceed the speed of sound, rather, the ability to pierce the barrier of the noise in the Matrix. Yes, because the Matrix is a world of confusing, boisterous and jam-packed with all sorts of messages, beliefs, philosophies and ideologies. With all this “noise” the Matrix confuses and disorients the minds of its citizens, effectively creating a “sound barrier” that no messenger is able to subdue. Not even the most publicized political and/or religious leaders manage to break this barrier that forces them to swim against the current sea of Matrixian noise.

But my guiding star, the Bible, tells me that soon (very soon!)  someone will break this wall of the Matrix sound barrier. According to biblical premonitions, a message is coming indeed with great authority and splendor lighting up the whole earth, proclaiming with a loud voice, “Fallen, fallen is Matrix the great!” (see Revelation 18:1, 2).  A voice will suddenly stand out in flight, breaking sharply from the wordly noises, which were specifically created to hypnotically distract human consciousness from the voice of their Creator, thus creating a barrier, a wall. It will be the moment of final confusion for the Matrix architects and their commander-in-chief, because they will not be able to drown out with their noise, the postman sent from heaven (see Revelation 18:4).  This special messenger with open arms, will win over all the inhabitants of planet earth appealing to their eyes, ears and hearts.