Many years ago the God of heaven created angels, seraphim and cherubim and Lucifer was among them. He was the most important cherubim of all, the most majestic created being in heaven. He was the closest to the throne of God, over and above all the angels, and enjoyed a close relationship with Him. God himself chose the name Lucifer, which literally means “bearer of light“.

Today this being, once bright, shining and in the moral likeness and image of God, is just a poor reflection of the Lucifer originally created.  Even if he loves to disguise himself as an angel of light (2 Corinthians 11:14), now he is just the prince of the Matrix, called in the Word of God the great dragon, the ancient serpent, the devil … Satan (as my guiding star says in Revelation 12:9). From the bearer of light transformed into the prince of darkness and falsehood: such a  sad metamorphosis!

But the “Lucifer” originally created by God continues to exist. The task of bringing the light of goodness, love and life has passed on from the ancient cherubim to the fans of Jesus… He says it Himself in Matthew 5:14. Jesus is actually the real light of the world (see John 8:12 and 9:5) and as His fan, I am called to be a “bearer of this light.” He is the sun, I am a shining star that reflects His majestic and powerful light. Yes, I am now the bearer of light rather than Lucifer.

It’s time to come out in the open and with authority light up the world with the splendor of the Creator God and His perfect DNA.

The protection of Jesus the Son of God is with me, and God the Father will soon crush the former Lucifer under my feet (see Romans 16:20).